Restaurants & Other Places to Eat

We believe that to get to know a country, one has to get to know its food. And Peru has one of the most incredible, spectacular and surprising gastronomy in the world.

It is incredible because of the mix of tastes in some dishes and the way they are prepared, spectacular because of the richness of its ingredients and, above all, surprising because one does not expect to find such variety and quality when visiting this country.

Peruvian Gastronomy is starting to be a reason why to visit Peru and ENIGMA, since the very beginning, has put an emphasis on the meals included in our programs. Eating well when visiting a country is essential to make our stay an agreeable one. We at ENIGMA strive at making your stay not just agreeable but memorable. That is why we have included the most special and varied restaurants and places to eat in our itineraries.

We love eating well and we adore Peruvian food, and we hope you will enjoy it as much as our past clients and ourselves do.

Following is a list of our preferred restaurants for you to choose when visiting some of the most important cities in Peru. Bon appétit!