Treks & Expeditions

Treks & Expeditions

As trekking specialists, ENIGMA directly operates all of all of our treks in the Cusco region with world-renowned expertise. In the Huaraz area, we offer stunning routes in partnership and shared operation with what we consider to be one of Huaraz’s best trekking and mountain climbing tour operators. This way, we can ensure a consistent level of service in all of our adventure operations.

We also operate fabulous treks along other very special routes that we prefer not to publish. We call them our Hidden Gems. This way, we keep their authentic character as it is and avoid the massive tourist affluence that most published routes finally attract. Most of our not-published trekking routes have been developed by ENIGMA, drawing a preferred path on a map and then sending a team to explore it, choose campsites and measure distances. They include the best the Andes have to offer, but just away from most crowds.

Following is our handpicked selection of treks and expeditions. These range from world-renowned routes such as the Inca Trail to Machupicchu or the Salkantay Trek, to still lesser known ones, such as those around the breath-taking Ausangate snow-capped sacred peak, or expeditions to Vilcabamba and Espíritu Pampa.

Cusco Region

Our trekking programs are available in 4 types of services:

Group Services: You’ll be joining a group of other trekkers like you coming from different parts of the world, a great opportunity to have fun and make new friends. Our Group Services have set departure dates.

Private Services: These services are arranged just for you and your party, and offer the possibility to choose the departure date, the group size and the duration of the trek. This not only has the advantage of adapting the pace to your physical condition, but also usually means enjoying quieter campsites and meeting less travelers along the route. All private groups include additional services, such as extra porters/wranglers to carry your personal gear, among other benefits.

Luxury Services: ENIGMA was the first to offer luxury treks in the Andes. This service was kept exclusive for a number of very prestigious travel agents, and we are now offering it for the first time in our website. All privately run and usually custom-designed, our previous clients have enjoyed perks like state-of-the-art camping equipment, highly experienced massage therapists, hot showers, outstanding gourmet menus and a number of other much appreciated details we have made reality through our thorough planning and broad creative capacity.

Feature Treks: These are private treks, designed just for you, along any of the available routes, with the possibility of being complemented with any special interest you may have. Some of our most appreciated initiatives have been our Yoga Treks and our Spiritual Treks. The choice is yours!


Inca Trail to Machupicchu

Salkantay Trek to Machupicchu

Ausangate Trek

Choquequirao Trek

Lares Valley Trek

Huchuy Qosqo Trek

Our Hidden Gems

If you wish to know more about our very special unpublished routes, please contact us letting us know what your trekking interests are, and we will be glad to share our proposals with you.

Expedition Programs

Our expeditions are more adventurous, long-duration treks through local trails, usually crossing areas with very basic infrastructure and little or almost no tourist affluence. Given the remoteness of the areas along which we operate these expeditions, variations in the itinerary and campsites may occur. These routes offer an excellent combination of spectacular nature, untouched communities and trekking off-the-beatenpaths, giving you the chance to get in touch with the deep essence of Andean culture and its amazing life-style. We recommend these expeditions to hard-core trekkers and adventurous and active travelers.

All our expedition programs are operated exclusively on a private basis.

Custom Treks

Any dream trek you have in mind that is not mentioned above on our suggested trekking and expedition list? ENIGMA organizes tailor-made treks for private groups according to your preferences, time of visit, time availability and area you wish to access. Our adventure team, including office staff, guides, wranglers and porters, are native experts in the area and have visited most of the mountains, communities and valleys in the region. For us to craft a customized trek for you please contact us specifying desired arrival and departure dates, itinerary, and route or places you wish to visit.

Huaraz Region

All of our suggested treks in this area are run on a private basis both in the Cordillera Blanca as well as in the Cordillera Huayhuash (White and Huayhuash Mountain Ranges). Our selection includes some renowned routes as well as other very special ones, our favorites and the ones we recommend, which we have differentiated with an (R).

Cordillera Blanca

Private Services

Cordillera Huayhuash

Private Services