A Little Bit of History

ENIGMA was founded in Cusco in 2002 as an adventure travel and trekking specialist. We soon became recommended in the main travel guides such as Lonely Planet, Footprint and Moon Travel Guide, among others. At the same time, we became one of the most reputable trekking operators for highly prestigious worldwide travel agents and professionals.

In April 2004, we pioneered luxury treks in the Peruvian Andes, an initiative that was published in the Spring 2005 edition of Town & Country Travel magazine. That led us to also become the “silent partner behind the scenes” serving exclusive, high-end, worldwide renowned travel agents, such as Orient Express and Abercrombie&Kent, as unsurpassed luxury trekking experts.

We now lead a varied portfolio of treks and expeditions from the world-famous Inca Trail to Machu Picchu to breathtaking, not published, remote routes rarely trodden by humankind. And we wholeheartedly serve our diverse clientele, from hardcore adventurers seeking out local flavors and accommodations to the bespoke traveler whom we happily indulge with our gourmet menus and luxury tents in the shadow of the magnificent Andes.

Soon our past trekking clients started recommending us to friends and family, who now not only came to us for our trekking services but also for handcrafted journeys throughout Peru.

And this is how our passion for Peru plus meticulous research, rigorous training and attention to detail, went into creating ENIGMA Travel Collection: a thoughtful selection of diverse itineraries that can be followed step by step or tailored to your desires. These include classic-highlights itineraries, adventure trips, family programs, transformative experiences for the body and soul, private expeditions to rarely seen places and custom journeys for travelers with specific interests. Our featured proposals tend to serve as a source of inspiration for you, a glimpse of how your journey could be drafted, depending on your interests and travel style. As all of our journeys end up being truly handcrafted travel experiences thought out and designed just for you.

Today, we are continuing to develop inspiring, innovative and meaningful ways for our guests to meet Peru and its people, and now also are starting to expand our operational expertise as trekking and Peru experts into our neighboring countries by choosing and training reliable partners to work with ENIGMA for combined multi-country journeys.